Technology Stack and Processes 

Every Moneta issued in circulation will be backed by Moneta Holdings by a one-to-one ratio of the equal amount of the corresponding fiat currency kept in reserves. We serve as a trustworthy third party accountable for the asset as the custodian of the backing asset. This risk can be minimised by a straightforward implementation that jointly decreases the sophistication of both fiat and crypto audits, while at the same time increasing the protection, availability and clarity of these audits.

There are 3 layers in the stack and various functions.

1) The first layer is the blockchain. 

2) The second layer is the Layer protocol.

  • Grant (create) and revoke (destroy) digital tokens embedded in the blockchain; in this case, fiat pegged digital tokens, Monetas .
  • Track and report the circulation of Monetas.
  • Enable users to transact and store Monetas and other assets/tokens in:
i ) p2p, pseudo-anonymous, cryptographically secure environment.  
ii ) open-source, browser-based, encrypted web wallet.  
iii ) multi signature and offline cold storage supporting system
3) The third layer is Moneta Holdings, our business entity primarily responsible for:
  • Accepting fiat deposits and issuing the corresponding Monetas.
  • Sending fiat withdrawals and revoking the corresponding Monetas.
  • Custody of the fiat reserves that back all Monetas in circulation.
  • Publicly reporting Proof of Reserves and other audit results.
  • Initiating and managing integrations with existing blockchain wallets, exchanges, and merchants.
  • Operating wallet, a web wallet that allows users to send, receive store, and convert Monetas conveniently.

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