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Technology continues to define and redefine the modern world and industry sectors have to invest to not only keep up with the rapidly evolving marketplace, but to stay ahead of the curve.

This is certainly the driving force behind the ambitious digital transformation led by MONETA. Having worked for a number of technology-based projects, Moneta has vast experience and understanding of how technology is truly disrupting the way the financial industry works.

No transformational journey, especially one defined by technology, can ever truly end. It has to continuously evolve with the alongside technologies and customers. MONETA has set a target for 100% of its all products to be distributed online or digitally through Moneta Ecosystem by 2024.

“It’s about understanding, end to end, what people' needs are and executing that more collaboratively. The traditional borders do not exist anymore.”
Fiat currency on blockchain technology
In our solution, fiat pegged cryptocurrencies are called “Moneta”. All Monetas will initially be issued on the blockchain so they exist as a cryptocurrency token.
Data Vault
Multi-decentralization technology that achieves military-grade security and fulfills data-privacy compliance requirements for the storage of sensitive data and digital assets.
Digital Banking SaaS Solutions
With the disruptive technologies and innovations, unprecedented changes have been taking place in all industries, including Financial Services and Digital Banking.
KYC/AML Solutions
Real-time SaaS solutions verify business and user identity, help prevent fraud & money laundering, verify identity & documents, and ensure automated regulatory compliance.
Online Payment System
A worldwide online payment system on blockchain technology that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to conservative methods that are expensive and slow. A payment processor for online vendors, auction sites, and many other commercial users, for which it will charge a fee in exchange for benefits of one-click transactions.
In the world of crypto, your mobile phone, your hard drive or removable storage becomes the bank vault. That is what decentralization is doing. By cutting out the middle man (banks and governments), crypto are making people more independent.
Your next-generation multicurrency card. The card automatically converts more than 1000 digital currencies and traditional currencies at the point of sale, letting you seamlessly spend your crypto and multiple currencies in real life, anywhere.
FX Exchange
Moneta blockchain technology will transform the FX industry by turning it into a peer-to-peer type of deal. In this new model, transactions can be handled not only by individuals or small start-ups but also by giants in the industry, banks, and other financial players.
Tokenized Securities Exchange
Tokenisation of securities and other real world assets will transform the accessibility and efficiency of capital markets. Removing inefficiencies, friction and barriers to participation will democratise the process of matching providers and consumers of risk capital. This in turn will increase the flow of funds and investment opportunities for market participants.

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